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Hey guys! It's Amber aka xXxBootiliciousxXx here, talking to you all. So if you have clicked the link to come to this page, you obviously came here because you were curious,wanted more info about me,wanted to see more pictures of me or just wanted to see how you could contact me. I know this website isnt very professional  but hey i am no professional anyway. I would just like to say a hugeeeee thank you to my boyfriend Kevin. He has been a great support to me while i have been creating these vids. He has been encouraging me when i havent had faith, He has been couping with my emotions and stress. He has been by my side the whole time so Kevin thank you so much and I love you.  Also thank you to everyone who has already subscribed to my vids,added me,commented on my vids, rated them and talked to me. You guys are awesome.
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New Update From Amber!

[23rd of September 2009]

Hey guys!
Just came to tell you that i wont be on youtube that much anymore. Not until i get a new came so i can make new vids. Please be patient and keep subscribing. I will be getting a cam soon hopefully. So get ready for my new vids :P. My new vids wont just be dancing this time. There will be a combination of things to keep you guys interested :P. Anywayz that is all for now. Have a great day!

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