About Me


Ok so let's start with the basics shall we.

- My Name Is Amber
- I am 15
- I was born in London
- I live in Australia
- I have a pet dog
- I go to a crappy school (doesnt everyone :P)
- I have dark brown hair
- I have chocolate borwn eyes
- I am about 5'2 (last time i checked was ages ago)
- My Fav colour is baby blue
- My lucky number is 4
- My Zodiac is Aquarius
- I love animals
- I love creative stuff
- I love to dance
- I have been to 17 schools
- Main places i have live are London,Scotland,Liverpool and Australia

Hobbies: Dance, playing basketball, shopping, cars, elmo, drawing, clothes, kustoms,billabong, element, spending time with frendz,DRUMS for life....best instrument ive ever played, being a drama queen, soccer, swimming, singing, chillin wit frendz, drawing, shopping, learning how to skateboard, bmx, sleeping

Fav Films: simpsons, family guy, futurama, american dad, home n away, ugly betty, punkd, bones, crimnal minds, how i met your mother, australia had talent, cold case, desperate housewives, hancock, the luv guru, the dark knight, scary movie 1, 2, 3 &4, the grudge, rest stop, step up 2 the streets, step up, bring it on 1, halloween, dawn of the dead, 13, blackwater, twilight, firday 13th

Music: porcelain and the tramps fuck like a star, sugar cube...linkin park bleed it out, in the end, numb...chris brown forever, with you, kiss, fallen angel...3 doors down~krytonite....eminem white america, cleanin out my closet, business, without me, say goodbye hollywood, soldier, drips, hailey's song, superman, say what you say, when the music stops, til' i collapse, my dads gone crazy, when im gone...fall out boy thanks for the memories, aint a scene its an arms race...flo rider elevator, in de ayer, low, gotta eat...jordon sparks no air...kat deluna~ whine up...kelly rowland work...panic @ the disco!~ nine in the afternoon...matchbox twenty how far we've come...rihanna sos, dont stop the music, take a bow, disturbia, break off, on de replay, a girl like me, kisses dont lie, dem haters, we ride, unfaithful, umbrella, cinderell a...simple plan when im gone, runing out of time...timbaland~scream, the way i are...woflmother joker, thief and the knight...nickle back if everyone cared...paramore, The lonely island, Dj Tiesto, DJ breeza, DJ flow, lady gaga, XTM....ETC....

[Basically Techno, RnB, some Rap, Hip Hop, Emo Punk and Pop]

Books: Twilight, New Moon,New Dawn and Eclipse

[I dont really read]

Living In London

Living In London was great. There are so many cultures there...people with different skin colours all in one place. It's really awesome but anyhoo I had alot of good and bad experiences there tho.

Good Experiences:
- Got to experience different cultures
- Met great people
- First started modelling there. I was hanging up side down from a climbing frame in a park when i photographer for a housing magazie happened to walk past. He took a picture of me hanging upside down and within a week my picture was on the front cover of the Black Peoples Magazine and The Realestate for East London magazine. My mum still has both magazines with my picture.
- I got to live in the best part of England

Bad Experiences:
-Witnessed about 3 people get killed
- Saw alot of people breaking into other peoples homes
- Experienced racism ( but you get that everywhere)

So they are only some of the not so bad and good experiences ive had. There are plenty more but i'm probably boring you.

Living In Australia

As everyone would expect Australia to be, yes it is sunny and has great beaches. I have lived in many parts of Australia, well only QLD and NT but many places in those two states. Australia is a great place to live and has really awesome people. Where i live now, is pretty racist (dont ask why im living here...me being black and all) But um i live in the part of NT that lives to party hard, drink hard and beat people up hard. Thats the only way people survive up here. Some of you people way think it is awesome but it really isnt. We have nothing to do up here either except party and drink. We only have 3 cinemas, 1 water park, a wave pool, 1 bowling alley, 2 shopping centres which are very small, and skate parks so no wonder we get into so much trouble but oh well. anyway i think thats enough talking here for now :D