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 Marked as spam just droppin by to check my baby's page and to say thanks so much for pimpin out my page hun. i love it soo much. you're so beautiful baby. and i just wanted to tell you how much i love you. kevin + amber forever. i cant wait to see your new stuff like everybody else haha


wow. i went away for a about 2 days and I come back and almost all the guys on youtube are talking to you? Youre amazing, how do you do it? Im jealous.
lol. anyway, yeah i noticed that about your camera. When you get a better camera, let me know. Ok? I want to see all the motions of your ass shaking... and do some of it in slow motion. lol


well not gunna lie, you are erally attractive and its hard not to notice your panties. but i also think your a great dancer and this was nice to watch!


:( *sad* lmao i will never wear light undies again with that dress. its the dancing your supposed to be watch guys. :(


mmmmmmmmm damn now i see what sexii is damn lil ma! you are flavor, sweet with taste......... thanx 4 da love Boo!